It's about equipping you, the coach, consultant, startup, agency owner, expert, and female business owner to work smarter, and not harder -- while owning a profitable thriving business that creates for you consistent, sustainable revenue for now and the foreseeable future.

If I only Knew. . .

Coming online in 2009 to build and grow a successful profitable thriving business has been a roller coastal ride of more wrong turns than I can count. If I had not wasted $50,000 plus, time, and effort … I wouldn’t be here to say -- you (too) can build and grow your business without chronic burnout, own a profitable thriving business, and make a HUGE Impact on the People You're Passionate About and your World. So I deeply understand the overwhelm, stress, and guilt over having more bills and not having the adequate sustainable cash flow to foot those bills.

I know what does not work…

Having a big dream and passion with no plan for profitable sustainable growth leads to a waste of time, money, and chronic overwhelm.

And what works is…

Having a clear message, an offer that your customers find irresistible, a strategic system, and marketing that gives you customers who become raving fans and repeat buyers.

I believe steady sustainable cash flow is the bedrock for any successful profitable and thriving business, no matter the size. Without a steady stream of consistent sustainable money coming in, that business becomes a burden or a hobby.

Your Dream Matters…

And because of such, I’m on a mission to help coaches, start-ups, consultants, experts, agency owners, and female business owners escape overwhelm and minimal results to own profitable successful thriving businesses that create for them sustainable income for the foreseeable future.

Profitable Business Accelerator” –  is an All-in-One Program designed to help you do what you do best without sales calls, no-result launches, and email lists … Comes with (done-for-you) marketing, copywriting, lead generator, VA services, and private coaching and accountability, so you achieve real lasting results.

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Meet Your Writing Coach and Cash Flow Strategist …

Maima Jones is a Certified Business Coach,  Cash Flow Strategist, and  Writing Coach. She works with and supports coaches, start-ups, consultants, experts, agency owners, and female business owners who are struggling to build and own profitable businesses — she equips them to create and own profitable businesses with the Profitable Business Accelerator — (All-in-One Program.

Maima offers her clients a one-stop-shop cash flow solution that includes training on leveraging their Offer for multiple streams of income, done-for-you marketing, done-for-you copywriting, done-for-you lead generation, VA services, and one-on-one private coaching so they build successful profitable thriving businesses that help them live their dreams as they positively impact their world. 

As a former teacher, certified content marketer, and business owner herself, Maima is passionate about equipping other business owners to empower themselves so they work smarter and not harder while providing great value to their clients.

Outside of her passion for coaching and supporting coaches, start-ups, experts, agency owners, consultants and female business owners — Maima loves nature, writing, debating and dancing. Maima’s guiding philosophy in business is summed up in this quote: “You can have everything in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

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