How to Grow by Leveraging Your Content: 5 Steps You Can Take Now to Write For Prospects and Profits

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” (Calvin Coolidge)

We’ve looked at the first and second Write-to-Grow steps. We are now going to look at the third step: Grow.



Growing is a natural phenomenon…It has to happen. Yet it does not happen in a vacuum. It has to be fueled…like a fire that has to have continued fueling to keep burning. Most plants grow on the proper amount of water and sunlight without which they would wither.

But how about your business?

Do you desire growth for your business? What does it need to keep growing? Can your business grow on its own with no effort? What will it take for your business to keep growing? How you measure the growth of your business will depend on the “core values” you bring to your business and the market in which you find yourself. One key value to continual growth in your business is to focus on delivering the transformation that impacts the lives of your customers consistently.

How about your business growth strategies? Your business growth strategies should include:

  • Your business’s relationship with existent clients and prospects.

  • Your knowledge of changing opportunities and needs in your market.

  • The way you identify and reach your clients and prospects.

  • The quality and value of your products and services as experienced by your customers.

  • The avenues you use for developing, building, and nurturing a mutually satisfying relationship with your market.

  • The Repurposing of your writing materials/content into multiple streams of income.

The 5-Step Write-to-Grow Formula: 5 Steps You Can Take Now to Write For Prospects and Profits

Step 1: Awaken the Writer in You

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “Awaken” as “wake up, to awakecome into being”. This first step is the beginning of everything that entails your connecting with your market on a regular basis through writing. It’s the foundation on which your writing activity is built. It is critical to get things moving in your business with regard to writing and repurposing what you write into multiple streams of income to have a successful and prosperous business. Awakening the writer in you also entails your realizing the important role content plays, even if you have to outsource the writing of such content.

Eight Characteristics of the Business Owner Who is Awakened

  • Being Proactive

  • Having a Plan

  • Being Intentional

  • Having a Goal in Mind

  • Having the Desire to Succeed

  • Being Decisive

  • One Who Writes and Releases High-Value Content

Step 2Write As You Live

Your business is about you and the value you create for your market. It is a fact that your Story is the one thing that conveys your credibility to your market. Your market longs to resonate with you as they get value from you. They want to know who you are, what you’ve done or are doing, what struggles/challenges you’ve had and how you’ve overcome them, etc. Remember that your Story will evolve as you evolve and that it is a work in progress.

So … Write down the answers to these questions:

  • Who are you as it relates to your market?

  • What experiences have you had or are having that are relevant to your market?

  • What struggles/challenges have you had and how did you overcome them?

  •  How are these personal lessons combined with your ongoing learning going to help your market and your business?

  • What is your story and how is it evolving?

Step 3Write As You Serve

It is important to write with a target in mind. Doing so will leverage your time and energy to write consistently and position you to place yourself in your clients’ shoes to be able to see from their vantage point, and consider their thoughts, feelings, and needs. It will also allow you to get to know the people who buy from you better than any customer survey or poll could ever do.

Write down the answers to these questions:

  • Whom are you serving or want to serve?
  • What problems or challenges do they have?
  • How would you help them to solve their problems?
  • What products and services will you use to solve their problems?
  • Why do you serve them?

Step 4Know What You Want Your Writing To Do

Before contacting your market with what you’ve written, you need to make sure of what you want your writing to do. Notice I said before you contact your market…not before you write. Do not let not knowing what your writing will do, hinder you from writing when an idea comes your way. Write anyway even if you don’t know how it will turn out.

As you write and decide to connect with your market…Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Will what I’m writing or have written inform my market about something or someone?

  • Will what I’m writing or have written educate my market?

  • Will what I’m writing or have written persuade my market to take some action?

A piece of writing may do all three or one. But remember to always know what you want your writing to do.

Step 5Find Writing Ideas Everywhere

There’s no end to the topics and materials about which to write. Yes the art of writing itself can be tedious, lonely, and sometimes boring. But when it comes to finding ideas for writing…there’s an endless supply of writing ideas floating all around you.

Here are just some of the places from which to get writing ideas

  • People

  • Events (current and past)

  • Trends (current and past)

  • Social Media

  • Books

  • Websites and blogs that your market visits

  • Nature

  • Associations and clubs to which your clients belong

  • Competitors

  • Your current and past experiences

Repurpose Your Content for a Successful and Profitable Business


Here’s How:

1. Write a 5-Tip or 5-Step Article…An example is the 5-Step Write-to-Grow Formula discussed above. Use as blog posts and email training for your prospects and clients.

2. Use these five steps to teach a teleseminar or webinar or teleclass.

3. Record your teleseminar and distribute it as an audio replay, MP3, or iTunes and CDs.

4. Transcribe the content of your teleseminar into text. Set it up as a PDF for download.

5. Repurpose and expand on your first 5-Step article, and write five more articles. Combine these articles and present them as content for a live paid workshop.

6. Repurpose and expand again on each of these ten articles and turn them into a training program for weekend Bootcamp or conference.

7. Record your teleclasses and make a bundle of your products (audio, CDs, PDF, Videos, and DVDs) for sale.

8. Turn the content of your teleclasses into resources for a group coaching program and mastermind.

9. Repurpose and expand the same content, to write a mini-guide, special report, Ebook, book or create an online course.

10. Repurpose and continue building on your initial content and create a membership program where you offer a downloadable training worksheet or video once a month for members.


Looking to grow your business in 2022 and beyond?

Then the three Write-to-Grow steps are the way to go.

These three Write-to-Grow steps, WriteConnect, and Grow allow you to leverage your content:

  • To showcase your expertise and pre-sell your services and products.
  • To engage and nurture relationships with your audience consistently.
  • To create multiple streams of income in your business.

So, what other ways could you leverage your content?

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