How To Write 17 Articles In 17 Days

Want to have a reliable way of sharing your expertise and at the same time showcasing your products and services? Then, write articles. And “How To Write 17 Articles In 17 Days” is a great place to start.

But first –

What is an article in content creation? And why are articles so important to your business?

An article is “a written composition in prose, usually nonfiction, on a specific topic, forming an independent part of a book or other publication, as a newspaper or magazine.” –

An article could be 500-1500 word count or 2000-5000 word count. It can be both formal or informal depending on your audience.

So, why are articles so important to businesses online/offline?

  1. Articles eliminate hard selling by pre-selling your products and services.
  2. Articles demonstrate your expertise in your niche to your market.
  3. Articles bring you traffic like nothing else.
  4. The content of your articles can be reused to create your information products.

Now, let’s look at How to Write 17 Articles in 17 Days.

Strategy: Tap into the Days of the Months.

Let’s take the month of October: (These are suggested titles on which to write your articles, or come up with your own and make it relevant to the audience you’re targeting.)

Oct. 1:

  • The One Thing You Must Do to Survive in This Market.
  • The one Movie That Taught Me a Great Lesson.
  • The One Person I Look Up to For Advice on Growing My Business

Oct. 2:

  • 2 Life Lessons I Learned in High School
  • The 2 Most Important Things in My Life
  • If Only I Had Two Heads…

Oct. 3:

  • 3 Must-Haves For the Person Wanting to be an Expert Online.
  • 3 Ways to Build on a Story in Your Articles
  • The 3 Benefits of Having Profitable Content Offline/Online

Oct. 4:

    • If Only Someone Had Told Me These 4 Things
    • 4 Great Ways to Write Attention-Grabbing Titles

4 Things I Learned From My Competitors

Oct. 5:

  • Writing and Selling eBooks: The Top 5 Reasons
  • 5 Shortcuts to Building a Lead Generating Website
  • 5 Relationship Ruts: How to Overcome Them

Oct. 6:

  • 6 Barriers to Growing a Thriving Business Offline/Online
  • The Beginners Guide to the 6 Secrets in Publishing an eBook
  • How to Make It Big In These 6 Niches

Oct. 7:

  • The 7 Golden Rules For Implementing Everything That You Learn
  • 7 Steps For Managing Stress on the Job
  • The 7 Stages in Building and Growing Your Business

Oct. 8:

  • 8 Ways to Survive a Downturn in the Market
  • 8 Lessons I’ve Learned From Watching My children
  • Take These 8 Steps to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Oct. 9:

  • The 9 Places I Would Like to Visit Before My 40th Birthday
  • The 9 Surefire Ways to Conduct a Workshop
  • 9 Ways to Create Information Products From Your articles

Oct. 10:

  • 10 Tips For Writing Headlines That Create Excitement, Anticipation, and Enthusiasm
  • 10 Ways to Learn a New Language in 30 Days
  • The Top 10 Things to Pay Attention to in Your Market

October 11:

  • 11 Decision Makers To Follow On LinkedIn And Why
  • 11 Ways To Stand Out In A Crowded Market
  • 11 Things To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas For Your Blog Post

October 12:

  • 12 Tips For Ghost Writers Looking For New Clients
  • 12 Best Examples For Engaging Your Audience With Your Emails
  • The 12 Best Kept Secrets For Appearing On The First Page On Google

October 13:

  • 13 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog
  • 13 Ways To Grow Your Personal Brand On Facebook
  • Want Captivating Content? 13 Steps To Get You There

October 14:

  • The 14 Tools For The Savvy Online Entrepreneur
  • 14 Steps To Boost Your Profit Online
  • Overwhelmed? 14 Top Strategies For Clearing Your Mind

October 15:

  • Building A List? 15 Ways To Collect Visitor’s Contact Information
  • 15 Brands To Model As You Build Your Business
  • How To Create 15 Attention-Grabbing Headlines Under One Hour

October 16:

  • 16 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Even When Just Starting)
  • Looking For A Job? 16 Tips To Find Jobs Even In A Pandemic
  • The 16 Tools To Cut Half The Time When Writing An Ebook

October 17

  • 17 Top Podcasts Every Aspiring Online Entrepreneur Should Listen To In 2020
  • 17 Words That Boost The Impact Of Your Article
  • 17 Key Principles For Success In Your Online Business

Take Action

  1. Tap into this strategy and write as you live.
  2. Write about what this day means to you.
  3. What challenges or victories are you having on this particular day?
  4. What value will you want to give your market/audience on this day?
  5. Write your 500-1500-word article on this day and share it with your market/audience.
  6. So, there you have it. When it comes to writing your articles … practice and practice. If you choose to write one article a day, a week, or a month, then go for it. You will be a better article writer before you know it.

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