Looking to Grow Your Business in 2022 and Beyond? Leverage Your Content For Multiple Streams of Income

You may have heard or read that content rules or that content is king in marketing nowadays. It is true that you don’t have to rely only on expensive ads to market yourself any longer or get your message to reach your market.

82% of customers report a preference for brands with a content presence  nealschaffer.com

There are all sorts of avenues to get your message to your market. Some of these avenues are emails, articles, newsletters, radio, Facebook, etc., but for the purpose of connecting with your market 365 days on a consistent basis to give the value they are looking for and get you noticed, there are three steps that will make you stand out in a crowded market and have your message resonating with your intended audience every time. The three Write-to-Grow steps are:

1. Write

2. Connect

3. Grow

These three steps are necessary if you desire to have a thriving business in the 21st Century and beyond. They contain the building blocks upon which your business will survive even in the face of upheaval in the marketplace. And your business will be bound to thrive because it’s grounded on a solid foundation.

Let’s take a look at the first step.


When properly planned, targeted, and set in motion, this step can position you and your business in a place only dreamed of by others in your industry.

“The one who has more engaging content wins, and because frequent and regular contact builds a relationship that offers lots of opportunities for conversion”, says Joe Pulizzi, author of Get Content Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing. This first essential step requires skills and techniques that would get your unique voice and message out to your market.

“Write” is defined by Dictionary.com as, “to express or communicate in writing; to express your ideas in writing; give a written account of.” Entrepreneur Magazine gives a written account of trends taking place in the world of small businesses and Times (a news magazine) gives a written account of what’s happening nationwide and internationally.

You may ask, “What are those specific skills and techniques I need to have in order to write?” If you have ever written an email, a letter to a friend, a shopping list, a recipe, or a to-do list, then you already have some of what is required to write to your market.

At the heart of writing for you, a business owner is communicating or expressing your ideas in a conversational manner to your market. Writing gives feet and hands to your unique thoughts, ideas, and voice…going and touching the lives of those who want to hear from you. It is projecting your voice in the written form so that your market (at large) can notice you, get value from what you have to offer, pay attention to what you have to say, and at the same time, convert prospects into clients.

Why Write To Grow: Five Top Reasons

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1. Writing Grows Your Business Like Nothing Else…look at all the ads, promotional materials, and emails that come your way. Growing your business will be grounded in your continual staying in touch with your market, and writing is the one avenue through which that is possible. Writing connects you with your market, builds and nurtures relationships, presells your products and services, and drives traffic to your website.

2. Writing Establishes Your Expertise in Your Field…Susan Friedman, author of Riches in Niches, writes, “if you want people to believe you’re an expert, you’ve got to put your skills and knowledge out there where everyone can see it, in black and white.” She goes on to say that, “writing constitutes the single most cost-effective, practical way to establish your name and reputation. It costs next to nothing, except for your time, and is accessible to everyone. … The credibility you gain from being in print far outweighs any other tool available to the Nichepreneur.”

3. Writing Helps You Stay Focused on What Your Market Wants to Hear and Talk About… Staying focused on what your market needs to solve its problems is fundamental to growing your business. Your market will change and evolve, and so will your business over time. As your market changes in some aspects, your business will need to be open to adapting in order to make meaningful and relevant contact. By staying abreast with the news (past or latest) and happenings in your market, you will have a treasure chest full of ideas to continue writing to them.

4. Your Written Materials Become the Gateway to Multiple Streams of Income and Having a Thriving Business … You as a business owner or coach can consistently build and nurture relationships, and grow and sustain your business through these five categories or modalities: Choose the ones that are the best fit for you and your business.

A. The Hear It Category –Some in your market would prefer getting their information and training by hearing the content. Examples are Teleseminars, Audio CDs, Podcasts, and Radio Shows.

B. The Read It Category – Others in your market would prefer getting their information and learning by

reading content. Examples are Ebooks, Newsletters, Articles, Training manuals, Special Reports, Transcripts, and Books.

C. The Watch It Category –Others in your market would prefer getting their information and training through watching content. Examples are DVDs, Web videos, Broadcasts, App videos, and YouTube.

D. The Experience It Category –Others in your market would prefer getting their training or information through experiencing content. They would want to have direct participation in the events or activities. Examples are Retreats, Conferences, Seminars, Boot camps, Workshops, Training, and E-classes.

E. The Master It Category –Others in your market would prefer getting their information and training by mastering content. They would want to gain a thorough understanding and become skilled at implementing what they’ve learned. Examples are Masterminds, Group coaching, Certifications, One-on-one coaching, and Mentorships.

5. Write because you as a coach or business owner have no other choice for bringing in prospects and profits…even if it means you contract with a ghostwriter. “Not only is the pen mightier than the sword, the pen truly surpasses just about everything on the planet! The written word commands incredible power—a power you can harness to anchor your position as a Nichepreneur.” Susan Friedmann, author of Riches In NichesHow to Make It Big in a Small Market.

Action Plan

1. What was this reading like for you?: Write your answer in two to five sentences.

2. So what new insights did you get?: Describe in two to five sentences.

3. Why are these new insights important?: State the significance of your new insight/s in as many words as you like.

4. Now knowing what you know, how can you take this new knowledge forward in your business?: Compare and contrast your old insights with your new ones in as many words as you like.

5. Now what are your next steps?: List your answers in chronological order.

How was the above exercise for you? The art of writing for you the business owner is expressing and communicating that which you want your intended audience to grasp and be moved by. So whichever of the five modalities helps you to do such, then use it. Or use more than one to give value to your market as you continue to engage and connect with them.

You can read the next two steps here: the second step and the third step.

Thanks for reading!

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